DebTorrent/ BugReporting

Since this is a new project, it is bound to have bugs, which can only be fixed if they are reported to the developers. So, please, if you do find a bug, report it, even if you can't or won't follow the guildelines below. If you do follow the guidelines below, that will help the developers to both understand your bug, and fix it promptly.


Before you report a bug, please check the existing bugs for debtorrent and apt-transport-debtorrent to be sure the bug has not been reported before. You may also want to check the FAQ to be sure you are using the program correctly.

Bugs in both debtorrent and apt-transport-debtorrent packages should be reported using the reportbug program. If you're not sure if you've found a bug or not, you can ask on the developer's mailing list.


The data described in the guidelines below should not be sensitive, though it will contain details of which packages you are trying to download. If you are very concerned about privacy, you may not want to attach these files to the bug report or submit them to the developer's mailing list. You can then send them directly to the lead developer: Make sure to use the same subject line or include the bug number so the reports can be linked.


The following guildelines are listed in order of importance, with the most important first.

Log Files

The most useful information for finding and fixing bugs is found in the log files created by the DebTorrent client. These log files can be found in the /var/log/debtorrent/ directory. To get the most descriptive results, make sure the Debug logging level is set in the config file (which is the default). The log files may then grow quite big, so you may want to only submit the last 1000 lines or so of the log file (or whatever number captures the needed information, if uncertain err on the side of including too much). To do that, you may find this command useful:

tail -n 1000 /var/log/debtorrent/debtorrent-client.log | gzip > /tmp/debtorrent-client.log.gz

APT Debug Messages

Most of the problems with DebTorrent will be noticed while using an apt-get command to update or download packages. Therefore, it can be very useful to see a detailed log of what APT is doing in order to diagnose the problem. To enable debugging in APT, add the following lines to your /etc/apt/apt.conf file:

  pkgAcquire "true";
  pkgAcquire::Worker "true";
  Acquire::Debtorrent "true";
  Acquire::Http "true";

When running APT, save the resulting output to a file and submit it with the bug report.

Config Files

Some of the configuration files used by the various programs may also be useful in diagnosing problems. Some of these config files include: