DebTorrent/ apt-transport-debtorrent

apt-transport-debtorrent: an advanced communication protocol for communicating with APT

apt-transport-debtorrent is a separate package that can be installed so that apt can use the debtorrent:// method to communicate with the DebTorrent client. This is significantly faster than the traditional http:// method, and in the future will contain additional features to improve the status updates shown by APT.


This software is open-source and is released at no charge under the terms of the GPLv2 license (which is different from the license of the DebTorrent program).


Installing apt-transport-debtorrent is covered on the Install page, along with the debtorrent package.

If you think you've found a bug that is specifically in the debtorrent transport method (i.e. not in the DebTorrent client, whose bugs are reported using the reportbug program), you can report it to the developer's mailing list. Please try to follow the BugReporting guildelines for debugging APT.


The Code

The latest code for apt-transport-debtorrent is hosted in the same Subversion repository as DebTorrent. It is originally based on the code for APT's http transport method, with some modifications to support the new features. It is publicly readable, and requests for write access can be sent to the developers mailing list.